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In June 2004, Suntec was founded by four people on the basis of superior digital imaging equipment sales force in the field to start the DVD player distribution business and has maintained a leading position in the field of video distribution. Then, in 2006 Cry me with brand launches MINICUBE X the series launched a full-fledged video equipment manufacturing business started.

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The July 2006 Corporate Business Co., Ltd. was switched its name to Suntec DNC November 2006 Cry me a brand has been launched. That year launched MINICUBE X series players sikimyeo draw attention to the reputedly DVD player is the first 16cm of The small size vehicles are available for home use as well as the niche market has become a popular model. In February 2009, FULL-HD player brand FLAVO to launch 707pro, 808pro the model was launched in order NAS Network features FULL-HD player features an integrated ULTIMATE11 model and car, home, your advertising player to be able to use the integrated production of MINICUBE latest series X5 and built-in hard X6, and the launch of the product DVD combo U12 product best-selling video equipment sector We occupy a seat. The various optional features provide a simple video playback device to FULL-HD video player HD player, not the user has diversified HD video technology that allows you to selectively and continuously developing its own HD video technology Development of customized ODM products, based on inter-company also underway.

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September 2008, EARLASER to launch the brand
and the EL series, starting with EL-905 model will tangsaeng. Canal deep-seated problems of high address the issue of earphones
use a sound processing technology that overcomes the gained great response to users EARLASER series
after its January 2009 EL-906G GAMER'S EDITION, 2009 년 5 월 EL-907 BLUE released as a starting point is to keep the head of the club bass earphone market. EL-907BLUE model is enhanced sound processing technology through continuous upgrading until today
and stay ahead of the semi-canal phones market in August 2010, it launched a series of headphones BLIX brand. Lightweight, comfortable headphones been longing for ease released BLIX Series headphones sound technology combines new EARLASER clearer for users and focused on providing users with quality sound and comfort. Also in 2012, the live acoustic characteristics by employing the EL-906 LIVE and water spots design tailored EL-XR2, with the launch of iPhone earphones EL-iREMOTE, has been a growth as a professional brand earphone.

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In March 2009, Christchurch I specialize in computer peripheral accessories brand MINISLIM launching the brand. MINISLIM brand boasts a compact and slim design, the brand launched for a more efficient work desk environment based on imaging technology since 2004, began in July 2009 with the launch of HD CAM-1600UVC model KT, large companies such as POSCO and signed a supply contract was in the video camera field until now has maintained a leading position steadily. In addition, the pastel colors available high-speed transmission POPI-RO2, MSR-480 has been established as the most popular items. In 2012, luxury reader STORI-N1 concept by releasing a variety of memory cards that are compatible are being evaluated meets all the design and quality forged two.

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In March 2011, based on sound technology Cry Me MPNEX releases a versatile MP3 speaker called:
the mini speaker series MPNEX TR-10, MPNEX TR-20, MINIMIX TX-10 introduced new products
in 2012. In addition, the analog Radio MC series, home theater speaker TROWMAX RP-604 II,
equipped with a subwoofer portable speaker MPNEX-TR30, EGGBALL, by launching a mini audio MCX-1000
online as well as offline stores and record steady sales. Mini Speaker Series smart phones, portable external speakers with the growth of the Tablet PC notebook series is designed for small speakers bogeuphwa.



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